Sage Sessions Event Design


July 2017

Sage Sessions are one day events hosted by Sage in various cities around the world for Sage customers and business partners. Sage Sessions 2017 events were a way to disseminate content and training from Sage Summit 2016 event in Chicago to a broader audience. We started with design inspiration from Sage Summit 2016 that used a starburst and a few angels from the starburst and created a new look that drew from the larger event, but was more in line with our newly launched updated identity and suitable to a smaller audience. The design was carried through booths/stands, signage, emails, and digital banners.

Cloud Booth

The cloud booth is the centerpiece of the entire show floor, bringing together all the design elements of Sage Sessions. In the backdrop, we utilized the angle cut to frame dynamic, authentic photography featuring different customers using the cloud. We also designed pods where demos happen, inviting people to take tours of specific products. The cloud booth traveled to all Sage Sessions events across Canada.


Email Template

We created a template for audience generation emails that would be leveraged for each Sage Sessions event. The header image pushes brand practices further with the angle cut, repurposed from the chevron design of Sage Summit 2016, by making the design less restrictive and easier to use across assets. We use authentic photography of customers and speakers from previous sessions. The modules below the header image have been tested and proven for best engagement.


Product Booths

Booths were placed around the show floor to demonstrate and advertise various Sage products. We used the angle cut design in a fashion similar to the email headers, featuring authentic photography and making it easy to switch out photos and high level headlines across the show floor. We positioned the backdrop in such a way that it wouldn’t be blocked and could effectively advertise the product.

Rectangle 1