Sage University Dive In Campaign


June 2017

This campaign was designed to help drive Q4 revenue by getting customers to sign up for live training on Sage University. The theme was dive in. This campaign was successful and helped meet sales goals in Q4. The success of the campaign was tracked with the DIVEIN promo code.

“Thanks for going above and beyond with this assignment and creating unique and engaging illustrations! I know it was a lot more work, but the client very much appreciated the new design even before they got the results.  But now they are doubly happy!”

-Brian, Brand Planner

“This campaign was a huge success….at a time where we need every penny!”

-Jim, EVP Customer Support


143465-Sage U Team promo banners-option 1 built out_Sage City Small Sandbox



Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 10.16.32 PM